Rockhounding Wyoming

If you are a rockhound and don't live in Wyoming, you may want to move here! As you travel through Wyoming's basins and across its mountain ranges, you can pass over all of the geologic eras of time which produced a variety of rocks, minerals, and fossil types. Rockhounds can explore most of Wyoming's geologic products up close because over 50% of the state is public land!

Use this "Rockhounding Wyoming" and its subheadings to learn about what, when, and where you can find Wyoming's Treasures. Also explore the WSMGS Library for articles such as "Rockhounding Rules on BLM Public Lands" (May 2015 issue, page 13) and "Rockhounding, Prospecting, and Fossil Hunting on the Shoshone National Forest" (May 2015 issue, page 14) as well as detailed information that will interest any rockhound. If you decide to check us out as you tour the State of Wyoming, use the heading "Who We Are".

From beginners to advanced collectors, everyone will find something in Wyoming!